about growth hormone side effects

Caring for small children – about growth hormone side effects What are the side effects of growth hormone?       A: The side effects marked in the growth hormone instructions are as follows:       [Adverse reactions] Growth hormone can cause transient hyperglycemia, [...]

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Growth hormone and heart

Growth hormone and heart The physiological role of growth hormone (GH) is to promote the metabolism and growth of substances. In recent years, the role of GH in cardiovascular aspects has gradually received attention, and the research progress in [...]

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Introduction English name: RECOMBINANT HUMAN SOMATROPIN FOR INJECTION Drug Category: Biological Products Indication For children, adult growth hormone deficiency, Turner syndrome, growth disorders caused by chronic renal insufficiency in children, surgery, post-traumatic hypermetabolism (negative nitrogen balance), burns, sepsis. Traits [...]

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Growth hormone resistance syndrome

Growth hormone resistance syndrome   definition Growth hormone insensitivity (GH): is a short stature caused by target cells that are not sensitive to growth hormone. Laron syndrome is a typical representative of this disease. The disease is autosomal recessive, [...]

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